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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Is there a charge for fire or medical calls?
Yes. MTFR began billing for EMS transport on October 1st, 2007. We were one of the last departments in Greene County to do so. For full details please click here...
I needed an ambulance; why did a fire engine come too?
On major medical calls, such as chest pain or a stroke, the fire engine crew provides additional people to assist the medic crew with treating and moving the patient.
What hospitals can you transport me to?
While more than half of our patients request to go to Greene Memorial, we can transport you to most of the hospitals in the area, including Springfield Regional Medical Centre (formally Community Hospital) in Springfield; Wright Patterson AFB Medical Centre; and Miami Valley Hospital, Grandview Hospital, and Children’s Medical Centre. However, critically ill patients are transported to Greene, which is the closest hospital.
How does Ohio’s Trauma System affect my choice of hospital?
Under Ohio law, seriously injured patients must be transported by ground or air to a designated trauma centre. The adult trauma centres for this area are Miami Valley Hospital and Greene Memorial Hospital. Children with traumatic injuries are transported to Children’s Medical Centre, which is a paediatric trauma centre.
Do you get cats or other pets out of trees?
Generally, no. It is rare to find a cat skeleton in a tree. We recommend placing the pet’s food in an open container at the base of the tree and wait for it to come down.
Do you offer first aid and CPR classes?
Yes. MTFR offers a variety of American Heart Association CPR courses to the public throughout the year. If you’re interested in a class, contact us and we can set one up. There is a minimal per person fee for a class.
It’s two o’clock in the morning. Why are you using your sirens?
Ohio law requires that we use both lights and sirens when responding in an emergent manner. Sorry.
How can I get a tour of a station?
Just stop by during normal business hours and we’ll gladly show you around. If you have a large group (5 or more people) please call us at 767-7842 to set up a tour.
Do you inspect homes for fire safety problems?
We can if requested to do so by the homeowner. These inspections are provided for information only.
Do you guys come from Xenia?
No. We respond from our stations in Yellow Springs and Clifton.
There is smoke in my house, but no fire. What should I do?
Immediately evacuate everyone from the structure and then call 911 from the nearest phone.
The tornado sirens are going off; what should I do?
If it is not the 1st Monday of the month at noon, immediately take shelter in the basement away from any windows or on the lowest floor in a centrally located area away from exterior walls. The siren is tested on the 1st Monday of the month at noon; at all other times, an activated siren indicates a tornado warning.
What is a tornado warning?
A tornado warning is posted by the National Weather Service when a tornado has been detected in the area. These warnings are generally issued county-wide. It is important to realize that even if the tornado is in another part of Greene County, you must still take shelter. Conditions here may be conducive to tornado formation.
My smoke detector is going off constantly, but I do not see any smoke or fire. What should I do?
Call 911 and follow the emergency dispatcher’s instructions.
My smoke detector is beeping intermittently. What should I do?
Replace the battery. Smoke detectors beep this way to let you know it is time to change the battery.
My carbon monoxide detector is going off. What should I do?
If any one in the house or building is feeling ill (headache, nausea, etc.), immediately leave the area and call 911. Otherwise, contact your HVAC contractor.
How can I get a copy of an ambulance or fire report?
Call us during normal business hours at 767-7842 to request one.

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CPR Course Offerings
Miami Township Fire-Rescue is an American Heart Association Community Training Centre and offers CPR and first-aid courses throughout the year. Courses are generally taught at our fire station but can be customized and delivered at other locations. For more information, or to schedule a course, contact Assistant Chief Denny Powell at (937) 767-7842.

Please click here for current course information.

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Open Burning Information
Open Burning
Open burning is the disposal of agricultural or yard wastes or is burning conducted for certain range management activities. Open burning is allowed in the unincorporated sections of the Township only; open burning is NOT allowed within the Village of Yellow Springs. A permit is required in order to conduct open burning. The permit may be requested at least one day prior to your burn date by completing a permit application form and submitting it to the fire department. An inspector will conduct a site visit prior to issuing the permit. There is a $10.00 non-refundable fee for this permit.

Please download this PDF for full details about Open Burning

Bonfires are fires used for ceremonial/recreational purposes. Bonfires may be no larger than 5' x 5' x 5' and may burn for no more than 3 hours. Bonfires are allowed in the Township and the Village of Yellow Springs. A permit is required in order to have a bonfire. The permit may be requested the same day as the planned bonfire by completing a permit application form and submitting it to the fire department. There is a $1.00 non-refundable fee for this permit. Residents of Yellow Springs who obtain a bonfire permit must notify the Yellow Springs Police Department prior to lighting the fire. Antioch College Security must be notified for on-campus bonfires.
Important Information
  • No burning of any kind is allowed on ozone action days. Check local TV or radio stations or with Regional Air Pollution Control at 225-4435 if you're not sure of the days' status.
  • All permit requests must be made during normal business hours Monday through Friday on the proper form available at the fire department on on-line.
  • Residents of the Village of Clifton should contact their local government officials to determine burn regulations.
  • Failure to obtain a permit may result in a fine!

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