EMS Transport Billing Information & FAQ

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Emergency Medical Service (EMS) transport billing began on October 1st, 2007 throughout Miami Township (including the Villages of Clifton and Yellow Springs).  Miami Township Fire-Rescue is committed to a “service first” philosophy and strives to provide the finest emergency medical service possible.

No one will ever be denied service based on their ability to pay or for lack of health insurance.  The billing program is designed to totally eliminate out-of-pocket costs for Township residents by waiving any co-pays or deductibles after a patient’s insurance, Medicare or Medicaid have been billed for transport services.  Uninsured residents, after verification, will not be responsible to pay for transport services.  There will be no charge for emergency medical care if the patient is not transported.  Patients who reside out of the Township will be expected to meet their co-payment and deductible obligations, but will be treated with compassion regarding their financial obligations.

The following Guiding Principles govern this program: 

  • Ability to pay will never be considered when providing service.

  • No one will suffer financial hardship as a result of an emergency medical transport.

  • Our EMS system will remain caring and compassionate.

  • We will continue to provide the highest quality care.



Frequently Asked Questions


How does EMS Transport Billing work?

After patient care has been provided, we will obtain insurance information from the receiving hospital.  Miami Township will accept Insurance Payments as “Payment in Full” for Ambulance Transports.  Township residents who are uninsured will not be responsible to pay for transport services.  Miami Township has contracted with Medicount Management of Cincinnati to administer this billing process.


I’m an uninsured Township resident; how will my bill be handled?

You will be contacted by mail or phone by Medicount to verify your insurance status.  When this is verified, the bill will be written off.


Will visitors or non-township residents be charged for co-payments and/or deductibles?

Yes, only Township residents are eligible to have their co-payments and/or deductibles waived.


What if my insurance company will not cover the charge for EMS transport?

Medicount Management will work with insurance companies to explain the medical necessity of the transport.  However, if the claim is ultimately rejected, we will consider the charge uncollectible for Township residents.


If the co-payment for EMS transport is being waived, will there be any out-of-pocket expenses incurred for Township residents?

No Township residents will be required to pay any  ”out of pocket” expense for an ambulance transport.


What are the charges for EMS transport service?

Charges include: $400 for Basic Life Support (BLS); $600 for Advanced Life Support, level 1; $700 for Advanced Life Support, level 2; and $9 per mile from pick-up point to the hospital.


How will my privacy be protected?

All MTFR personnel as well as Medicount Management employees have been trained in patient privacy and in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and will strictly adhere to those standards.


Who will I call if I have a billing or insurance problem?

Medicount Management has customer service representatives available to address billing or insurance issues.  If you are not satisfied, you may contact MTFR at 767-7842.


Didn’t we just pass a levy for the fire department?

Yes; Township residents have always voted overwhelmingly to support the Fire-EMS Levy and we truly appreciate and value your support.  However, costs are rising faster than expected coupled with a substantial increase in EMS call volume.  The Township believes that EMS Transport Billing is the best method to generate additional income without raising property taxes.   By tapping into funds that are already allocated by all Ohio insurance companies, MTFR is able to secure additional revenue without asking for additional funds from our residents. 


What will EMS Transport Billing income be used for?

Funds received through EMS Transport Billing will be used to support fire-rescue department operations.  Funds will support staffing, equipment purchases and training.  MTFR is the only Township operation that will receive funds from transport billing.


Why was Medicount Management selected?

With more than 17 years of experience in EMS billing in Ohio, Medicount has become the industry leader.  We selected them based on recommendations from other Townships as well as for their commitment to customer and patient service.

Click here to download this information in PDF               Click here to download the MTFR Privacy Policy
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