Celebrating 100 Years of Community Service 1907-2007

Below you will find the historical timeline for the fire service in Yellow Springs, Ohio beginning in 1867 and continuing through to the present day.

As significant events occur we will endeavour to add more dates.


History of the Fire Service in Yellow Springs

1867 Village passed first fire ordinances
1873 Village bought four fire extinguishers
1878 Village bought first hand-drawn pumper
1891 Major fire on Dayton Street prompted organization of first fire department, which apparently had a short life
1895 Major fire destroys area of Corry & Dayton Streets
1895 Special election in August of $7,000 issue to purchase a fire engine
1896 January fire at Xenia Avenue and Glen Street.  Xenia refused to assist and Springfield arrived too late
1896 Village voted to purchase an 80-gallon chemical engine for $1,100
1907 Constitution of the Yellow Springs Fire Department adopted;
George Drake first Fire Chief
1912 Constitution of the Yellow Springs Fire Department amended to include pay for Chief ($35.00 per year) and firemen (10˘ per call)
1915 Village bought a Lambert friction drive fire engine, first self-propelled piece of fire equipment
1923-1925 Village purchased two Model-T Ford fire engines
1924 Lambert fire engine scrapped
1933 New chassis purchased for Model-T Fords
1942-1945 Two new Ford fire engines delivered
1951 A fire department reorganization gives the Miami Township Board of Trustees jurisdiction over the Yellow Springs and Clifton Fire Departments
1957 Antioch College’s North Hall dormitory burns in a spectacular fire
1956 Department makes 18 runs and had a fire loss of $45,505
1959 Chief Dalrymple reports 23 general alarms for 1958, plus 15 that he himself made
1959 Fire departments from Greene and Clark counties battle a major fire at the Antioch College Science Building that causes over $100,000 in damage
1960 New radio equipment is installed in the fire station, streamlining operations
1969 Yellow Springs firefighters assist at the “most spectacular fire in Greene County History” at a Beavercreek Chemical Plant
1970 Two new ambulances arrive, one each for Yellow Springs and Clifton, purchased through Federal revenue sharing
1973 Three arson fires hit Antioch College as it prepares to re-open following a month of strikes by employees and students
1973 Miami Township emergency medical service (EMS) becomes the first in Greene County to be certified under state health department program to meet national standards.  In addition, four members are trained at GMH to administer IV fluids
1983 First fire engine with crew cab capacity for five purchased
1985 Jim Nutt hired as first full-time fire chief
1989 Nutt leaves for position in Alaska; retired Springfield firefighter Ed Willeman is hired as Chief
1991 New ambulance purchased through the Clifton Paramedic Fund from the benevolence of Harold J. Cordes
1994 Willeman resigns in January; Todd VanLehn serves as Acting Fire Chief through mid-July, when Colin Altman is hired as Chief
1994 Name of department changed to Miami Township Fire-Rescue
1996 Antioch College Fire Department (“Maples”) ceased operations due to financial and personnel issues
1996 New Seagrave custom fire engine delivered
1997 Antioch University donates its 1974 American LaFrance fire engine to the Township; it is refurbished and placed in service until 2005
1999 The Department receives a state of the art $25,000 Cairn IRIS 2 Thermal Imaging Camera, one of the first in the State
2000 MTFR paramedics being utilizing 12-lead cardiac monitoring, the first department in the county to do so
2005 While responding to a large fire in Clifton on SR-343, a Miami Township medic unit is struck head-on by a van injuring the crew of 3 EMT's as well as the van driver
2005 MTFR adopts a 10-year strategic plan, the first in its history
2007 MTFR celebrates 100 years of community service.  Click for details...
2010 MTFR takes delivery of a new Seagrave Marauder II fire engine



Celebrating 100 Years of Community Service 1907-2007

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